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With over two decades of banking experience, business ownership and interactions with small businesses, especially in the skilled trades, we recognized the need to create a system that will give the edge the business owners in the skilled trades to better manage their businesses.

End-to-end service.

ZSE has the necessary experience in working with companies in this industry and provides the services to take these businesses to the next level. Our Skilled Trades business solution is an ideal fit for business success in our current technological environment.

Industry Specific Software

ZSE Utilizes specific software that are catered to your business to ensure that you can provide service to your clients in a timely manner. These software services will allow you to assist your customers in the areas that will make it easier to do business with you as you provide them with valuable service.

Business Financing

ZSE specializes in providing financial services to small to medium-sized businesses. We connect borrowers with a network of funding sources. Our team of dedicated loan specialists help borrowers choose the right loan and submit all required paperwork in order to quickly secure much needed working capital.


ZSE provides professional looking websites that will be right for your business.

Social Media

As you engage with your clients on a regular basis, access to the right social media channels is important to keep them connected with their clients.


As a business owner, focusing on providing the specific service or making the products available to your clients are your primary responsibility. Growing and maintaining your business, and dealing with your customers are also very important. As a result, access to efficient administrative services is very important. ZSE works very closely with clients to assess the needs of the organization and provides complementary support to the company in areas that may have some level of deficiency to ensure the operation is efficient. ZSE has access to a group of professionals with a diverse range of skills who are experts in their respective fields. These professionals bring with them years of experience and knowledge to produce results for you. We work with our clients to provide clerical support, accounting support, and administrative support.

Business Plans

A business plan is a formal or informal document that articulates a specific set of business goals. These goals should be attainable and should contain the pertinent information of the company, individual, or organization with specific plans to reach the specified goals. The time frame for most plans should be a 3 – 5-year period. The plan can have different purposes and can be prepared for different audiences. The plan can focus either internally or externally. It can be utilized to acquire finances, develop products or to communicate with different stakeholders of the business on plans for changes or enhancements to the organization. The plan is also a decision-making tool for the organization and its stakeholders. Zhoosh Service Enterprise can work with both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations thus enabling them to reach their goals. Our plans can be either very short which can just communicate an idea, or it can be extensive with elaborate financial statements to communicate more complex ideas.

Accounting & Finance

As your business grows, ZSE is able to provide valuable accounting and financial services which will be delivered by qualified professionals. The following are some of the services that will be provided:

- Day-to-day bookkeeping
- Payroll
- Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payables
- Bank Reconciliation
- Software services engagements

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a time-tested strategy of employing the expertise of knowledge business consultants to steer your company in the right direction. They are instrumental in delineating and implementing a business plan that fits and that works for you. Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Business coaches help focus your resources into specific and measurable goals that drive your company’s growth. Providing positive reinforcement and ensuring accountability are integral to the work of a business coach. For inspiration, innovation and implementation: turn to a business coach to realize your dreams.

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