Business Plans

Business Plans

A business plan is a formal or informal document that articulates a specific set of business goals. These goals should be attainable and should contain the pertinent information of the company, individual, or organization with specific plans to reach the specified goals. The time frame for most plans should be a 3 – 5 year period.

The plan can have different purposes and can be prepared for different audiences. The plan can focus either internally or externally. It can be utilized to acquire finances, develop products or to communicate with different stakeholders of the business on plans for changes or enhancements to the organization. The plan is also a decision making tool for the organization and its stakeholders.

Zhoosh Service Enterprise can work with both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations thus enabling them to reach their goals. Our plans can be either very short which can just communicate an idea, or it can be extensive with elaborate financial statements to communicate more complex ideas.

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