Providing a range of services for Small and Medium Enterprises that will enable them to grow and compete in our global environment.

Business Financing

ZSE specializes in providing financial services to small to medium-sized businesses. We can also refer you to one of our highly qualified and experienced partners in matters of personal financial planning.

Business Coaching /Customer Support
Business coaching is a time-tested strategy of employing the expertise of knowledge business consultants to steer your company in the right direction. They are instrumental in implementing a business plan that fits and that works for you.
Business Startup

You have a great idea for a business that is sure to succeed. ZSE would hold your hands and walk you through the process to enable you to establish a successful business.

Business Plans

A business plan is a formal or informal document that articulates a specific set of business goals. These goals should contain the pertinent information of the individual or organization with specific plans to reach its goals.

Information Technology

In today’s technologically driven world, businesses need to stay on top of the latest marketing tools and resources to power their business.

Accounting / Finance

We know that you have a lot to worry about with your business. Take advantage of our bookkeeping services so that you have one less concern.

Other Services

Succession Planning

Identify, prepare and develop employees, family or external candidates with the ability and the potential to fill key business leadership positions.

Business Streamlining / Logistics

We provide back-office support solutions that will assist you in improving efficiency within your company as well as augmenting existing operations.

Administration / People

As a business owner, focusing on providing the specific service or making the products available to your clients are your primary responsibility.

Skilled Trades & Professionals

Our Skilled Trades business solution is an ideal fit for business success in our current technological environment.

Personal Protective Equipment
A specialized direct to factory sourcing program for organizations with a one time order or a regular supply requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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