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We are dedicated to delivering excellence. With a passion for innovation, our team strives to provide top-notch services tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Zhoosh Service Enterprise Inc. (ZSE) has one mandate:

to catalyze the evolution and development of small businesses by focusing on their core competencies. This translates into establishment of a solid foundation with which to fuel prolific growth for years to come.
You have a great idea for a business that is sure to succeed. But as a new business owner, you may be wondering how to create and develop a business plan to launch your new company.  
Or you may be the owner of a company that has existed for several years now. You may be looking for new directions and require the guidance to catalyze your company to new heights. Whether you are new to the field or an expert, ZSE has the solution:

ZSE helps companies grow organically by providing excellent solutions for companies with the following strategies:

Helping Companies:-
1. Build their initial growth around outsourcing.
2. Build their infrastructure around outsourcing.
3. By working with companies who find it cost effective and efficient to use outsourcing.
4. Connect better and improve networking.
5. Improve processes
6. Improve Customer Service
7. Create efficiencies
8. Source the right personnel
9. With financing in areas such as
  • Debt Financing
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Working Capital Financing etc.
10. Allowing companies to grow without giving up too much equity.
We provide your company with a variety of options in a number of competitive fields such as:
Accounting/Bookkeeping, Business Plan Writing, Business Registrations, Business Structure, Succession Planning, Logistics, Information Technology, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, Finance, CEO services and more
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This is what makes us unique.

Zhoosh Service Enterprise is a business resource company that works with businesses to improve operational efficiency and effectively manage their organization. This is the right combination for the ideal solution.

ZSE works with companies by engaging all personnel from junior staff to senior executives to optimize their operation and generate growth and profitability for the organization. New companies have the opportunity to obtain expert advice that will allow them to set up and effectively manage their resources. Mature companies will have the advantage of maximizing company performance by employing creative solutions to manage costs and increase revenue.

ZSE has access to a group of professionals with a diverse range of skills who are experts in their respective fields. These professionals bring with them years of experience and knowledge to produce results for you.

ZSE first develops a rapport with your company to gain a holistic appreciation of your values and selling points. Subsequently, we provide back-office support solutions that will assist you in improving efficiency within your company as well as augmenting existing operations.

Just as we are concerned about your company’s existing state, we are equally focused on the future direction of your business. At this stage, ZSE will furnish the necessary avenues to help you grow by connecting you with our many highly experienced partners.


Our extensive repertoire of services and solutions available to you include  Business Coaching, Business Plans, Business Streamlining, Business Startup, Succession Planning, Taxation, Technology (website creation and hosting), Legal, Financial (personal and business financial planning), Insurance, Real-Estate, Administrative Services, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

Jump-start your company on a foundation that is primed for growth. Take advantage of our years of experience and knowledge to give your business that cutting edge because we succeed when you succeed!

Zhoosh Service Enterprise Inc. (ZSE) began by providing free consulting services to small companies and prospective business owners who required assistance to survive. These clients eventually saw the need for additional support and requested greater aid in establishing and expanding their companies.
Chris Alexander, the founder of ZSE  is an ex-banker with over eighteen plus years of banking experience and extensive experience working with small business owners and professionals.  He spent a number of years as a Small Business Account Manager and then as a Retail Branch Manager at one of the major financial institutions in Canada. He also has Project Management, Operation, and Human Resources experiences
Subsequently, the founder of ZSE, Chris Alexander, devised a system that could provide multiple highly-needed services from one location: the Web. This company caters to all businesses whether they be new to the field or already well-established.
With continued growth, ZSE established a network of strategic relationships that expanded the arsenal of services at the disposal of our clientele. This improved our ability to assist companies at different stages of their life cycle.
ZSE currently provides management consulting services to small and mid-size businesses. We provide an entire package for new start-ups from registration of the business, formulation of business plans to developing the structure of the company. We also register domains for the business and build websites and operating systems. Our company mandate is to provide creative solutions that help you channel your resources into what matters most: your company’s success. Because we succeed when you succeed.