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The ZSE partner portal is a one stop access point where your business clients can have access to efficient professional services to run the day-to-day operations of their business.

In this case, the partner is a referral source with clients requiring business services


  • Most Micro Business Owners are very busy and do not have the necessary financial resources and time to hire the expertise that are needed to assist them with the management and operation of their businesses. ZSE has the right solution to solve these challenges.
  • The ZSE Partner Portal provides access to capital, business resources, and the opportunity to empower Micro Businesses to take the next step to success.
  • “At ZSE, we provide business support services to free up your time, so you can focus on your core business”
  • The main benefits of this opportunity are the provision a one stop resource for Micro Businesses where they can find the necessary services that will assist them to be successful in their industry
  • ZSE partner portal is a convenient avenue for Micro Businesses to access the necessary and professional cost-effective services that are essential for the operation of their businesses.
    1. Potential clients will request a service and then receive a quote for the service.
    2. The client will have the opportunity to accept or reject the service based on the quote provided. Once the service is accepted, the client will agree on the payment terms method. 
    3. The charges are calculated based on the nature of service requested Service providers includes:
        • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Insurance, Legal, Realty, Financial Planning, Lending, First and Second Mortgages
        • Marketing, Information Technology, Financial Support Services
        • Business Administration Services, Security, Employment Referral, Coaching
        • Business Sales, Credit Coaching Services, Call Centre

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