ZSE Marketplace

  • This is a System of preferred verified Merchants who provide top class service for the best value. (Rating System) We have a vested interest in the success of our Merchants. Workshops available to our Merchants. Interventions with merchants when there are problems.
  • Sign UP for Free as a Merchant
    • Customer has access to list of businesses
  • Enter Business and Personal Profile
    • Import profile for business and personal as necessary to set up profile
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Twitter
  • Merchant is vetted and then accepted
  • Platform to promote services to all merchants for free
    • Enter business profile – what service or product is the business providing
    • Enter a brief ad to promote the service or product
  • Once merchant agrees to provide service
    • Businesses have the opportunity to become a merchant / Merchant (Special Agent) on the ZSE Portal
    • Once merchant signs up to become a Preferred Supplier Merchant (Special Agent) on the ZSE Platform
    • Enter Service Agreement with ZSE
    • Agree on terms of service
      • Respect
      • Quality
      • Timeliness of delivery
      • Efficiency
      • Competitive Price
      • Follow-up

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