Legal Services

Legal Services

ZSE works closely with lawyers who provide services to clients in the following areas:

Family Law

Sometimes families and relationships that we hold the dearest fall apart. When this happens, individuals have to deal with their emotional turmoil as well as sort the financial matters regarding the division of assets.

To help you during this difficult time, you can trust our expert team of strategic partners specializing in family law. Every situation is different and it is essential that your legal advisor takes the time to appreciate the nuances involved in yours. Our network of attorneys customize our advice based on the situation and put your interests first.
Some of the areas of expertise include:
Custody and child support
Changes in separation agreements as a result of alterations in one’s financial state
Estate planning and delineating wills
Division of family assets

Real Estate Law

Investing in real estate involves the expertise of a legal consultant. This is why ZSE partners with. lawyers in premiere practices specializing in real estate and development to work with you. Our partners have helped clients of various sizes including corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and the like.

In regards to land development, our partners can provide you with legal advice throughout the entire process of the development project. They can also advise you on matters of financing regarding development, construction and other types of financing.
Their expertise is not limited to the above alone. Landlords and tenants often seek out our recommendations regarding commercial leasing. Some of their services include advising on financial and insurance matters as well as risk management. Negotiating leases and constructing documents for all types of leases are also part of our repertoire.

Employment and Labour Law

Selecting a legal consultant who is the best fit for you can allow you to focus your attention on your business growth. Our strategic partners are experienced in the nuances of employment law, whether it be hiring new personnel or terminating existing ones.

Some of the employment legal advising services that you can avail of include:
Developing employment and termination agreements
Collaborating with employers to advise them on union related matters
Producing and updating employment policies and manuals
Constructing suitable individual severance packages
Advising employers on how to deal with situations involving human rights, sexual harassment and similar such grievances
Delineating collection agreements

Environmental Law

If you require legal advice regarding environmental issues, take advantage of our network of highly qualified attorneys specializing in environmental law. They work in collaboration with leading experts in toxicology, environmental science, management of hazardous material, as well as conservation. With their solid foundation in environmental law, our strategic partners have the resources and experience to help you.

Some of the areas on which you may wish to seek advice include but are not limited to:
Permits for air, water and waste.
Managing solid and hazardous waste, recycling and disposal
Issues regarding land use and zoning


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