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No guarantee with mutual funds

Q. I have over $10,000 in RRSPs and would like to get advice on how to better invest these funds as I am planning to retire within a couple of years. One of my friends who works for an investment firm has advised me to consider guaranteed mutual funds for my money. What are your […]

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Cyclical markets offer opportunities

Q: I am a regular RSP contributor and I have always leaned toward conservative investing with some emphasis on growth. I am a do-it-yourself investor, and I have been watching the markets closely and see the value of stocks declining. I know this is cyclical and am not worried, but rather wondering if this is […]

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Know why you’re investing

Q: I am 32 years old and have been investing since I was 26. I have never invested in individual stock but have stuck to Mutual Funds. I read an article a little while ago about exchange traded funds. They sound like another good option and a logical next step from owning mutual funds to […]

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How do I make ends meet?

Q. I am hoping to return to school to update my degree and am having trouble managing my money. Trying to keep myself out of debt is a very hard task. I have been working for a few years, but not making very much (falling in the lowest earning bracket) and I am paying rent […]

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Time for RRSP’s or GICs?

Q: I am a 25 year old single man who had just finished paying off all of his student/ consumer debt and is now starting to focus on my savings. I have recently opened both a RRSP and Tax-Free Saving account and am contributing $200 monthly to each. My main question is in regards to […]

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Ready for Real Estate

Q. My husband and I own our own home but are seriously thinking about buying a condo as an investment. We would buy the condo with my brother and my mother and father in-law would live in it and pay rent. Currently my mother and father in-law live in our basement apartment and pay rent […]

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Should I borrow to invest?

Q. I have been making regular contributions to my RRSPs all year, however closer to the end of 2008 I got a promotion that came with a large raise. This is great. However it does mean that I will still have to pay taxes despite the contributions I’ve made. I have been considering borrowing to […]

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